Why does the phone get hot? What to do when the phone gets hot

One of the most common issues in smartphones is heating problem. Especially On Android devices overheating problem bothers users. For this reason, more than one user is concerned about the overheating problem on their devices. assay paths is investigating.

Phone heating issue multiple reasons. Therefore, many procedures must be applied to analyze the problem. well how to warm up phone? What are the processes that need to be done when the phone gets hot? We described it in a detailed form in our article.

Why does the phone get hot?

In fact, a measure of warming of smartphones is very natural. This is one of the biggest signs that the device is working normally. However, in some cases, the phone gets very hot and starts to disturb the user. The phone’s user to the point of burning your hand starting to warm up, a problem

It means .

The biggest reason behind the heating of the phone is usually software. But in some cases hardwarefaults also cause the device to overheat. your phone heavy process power

being forced to run games or applications that require , heavy camera use, multiple apps running in the background and widget

The fact that is always active are just some of these reasons.

Your smartphone measure of heat produced, passing through largely correct in electrical measure is proportional. For this reason, exposing phones that are not particularly powerful in hardware to heavy processes will increase the possibility of heating even more. The underlying cause of the phone heating may not always be software. Battery swelling, processor or fault in a different component, trigger overheating problem.

Users who have heating problems due to software problems can eliminate the heating problem by applying the following analysis formulas. However, if the problem is not resolved after following the procedures, then a hardware failure can be considered. In this case, as soon as the way of technical service

We recommend keeping . The analysis methods that will eliminate the heating problem are;

Charge your phone’s battery only to 80 percent

Why does the phone get hot

If you need to charge your phone overnight, instead of a pillow or sheet on a cool flat surface hold. According to the reports published recently, your phone never 100 percent charge rate is required. phone always 100 percent

Fully charge at shortens battery life and base on warming issues prepares. So your phone 30 percent charge

When it reaches levels, plug it in and 80 percent levels, remove from charge. Except this using the phone while charging will trigger the overheating problem.

Always close apps running in background

Close applications running in the background.

phone multiple apps at the same time when open overtime makes and very warm up causes. For this reason, getting the habit of closing unused applications systematically will reduce the heating problem to some extent. Also, avoid using heavy-duty apps, especially games, while your phone is charging.

Do not host unnecessary apps on your device

One of the answers to the question of why the phone heats up is unnecessary applications.

You don’t use apps and delete documents. These documents are on your device unnecessary space since it will cover heating problem will also trigger. on the other hand unnecessary notifications to close, animated wallpapers be careful not to use.

Use the phone with airplane mode

Turns off features such as airplane mode, network contact, Wi-Fi, portable information and Bluetooth altogether.

phone to use in airplane mode causes features such as network association, Wi-Fi, portable information and Bluetooth to be turned off. Especially offline game play and cinemaAirplane mode can make your phone very hot if you have a plan to watch. will block. On the other hand, with airplane mode, your phone 25 percent faster charging

Install antivirus

Installing a virus program will solve the overheating problem.

One of the reasons why your phone gets too hot virus Especially Android phones are very resistant to malicious software. is sensitive. So your phone install anti-virus software you can eliminate the problem completely.

Turn off power saving mode

One of the answers to the question of why the phone heats up is the power saving mode.

Phones, processor frequency in power saving mode against heavy applications such as games reaction by getting too hot gives. This means that the processor is struggling. Therefore, turn off the power saving mode before running heavy applications.

Do not use the brightness of the phone to the highest level

Do not turn the screen brightness of the smartphone to the maximum level.

Especially when using the phone outside maximize the screen brightness

Take care not to use . To maximize the screen brightness, heating problem

It will trigger .

If the analysis methods we mentioned do not work, it would be healthier to go to a technical service. In this case, there is a possibility that there is a more serious problem with your phone than it appears. Battery swelling, processoror RAM malfunctions, these components causing it to get too hot.

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