Top Mobile Legends Characters

It has a huge pool of heroes that have a strong player pool and can compete with variety breakers such as LoL and Dota 2. Instead of spending hours looking at Mobile Legends statistics and trying each of the 95 heroes, we have listed the best heroes of Mobile Legends for you so that you can use the most powerful and effective Mobile Legends best characters to win directly.

The strength of the characters in the game will not be one-to-one with future updates, it will continue to change. Of course, this does not apply to all champions. As the characters change, new heroes are always added to the game at the same time.


If you want to narrow the map compared to your opponent, it is one of the champions you should choose. Gusion is very effective, especially in a tangential position. When you catch the opponent alone, he is a hero that is a bit difficult to adapt at first. You may encounter some difficulties, especially when playing mobile phones. If you want to get used to the championship, it may make more sense to play on the computer.


Badang is a fighter who can defeat his enemies with his mobility and abilities. Despite close combat, Badang has a very good range and is very good at dodging or grabbing opponents. While playing this character, you can become even stronger by purchasing some tank items.


The Karrie is the definitive tank destroyer, as its light wheels cause real damage based on the maximum accuracy of the objective. Save your Speedy Lightwheel for the most interesting enemies – it won’t help you against weak opponents.


As a matter of fact, he is one of the best characters in the game. However, if you want to play this role well, you must first understand the game well. Using the character’s abilities is a bit of a hassle. Therefore, you can get help from BlueStacks and relax your game. In Mobile Legends, where metadata is always changing, Hanzo seems like one of the better characters for a long time.


Just as Ling uses walls, Natalia uses bushes to sneak around the map, so learning to strategically position the map is valuable. Claw Dash is a good replacement or escape tool. Just like you are a powerful area pusher, in an emergency you can go to the enemy base, use smoke bombs and start destroying the base, stay alive as long as possible to force the enemy to call back.


The Grok is quite adequate in terms of durability, as he is both a tank and a fighter. Glock is a character with 260 movement speed, 135 physical damage, 21 physical defense, 2819 health and 0.81 attack speed. Although it is a bit cumbersome compared to other tanks, it easily fills this gap with its high attack and defense capabilities.

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