Taking a photo with the front camera without touching the screen-How to?

On your smartphone front camera

with take a photo when needed taking pictures without touching the screen is possible. In fact, do you know that Xiaomi’s own camera app allows you to do this without having to download any app?

One of the most valuable features of smartphones is their photo-taking features and cameras. In your meetings, meetings, meetings, at your workplace, you need to take photos in many places and time periods. When taking a photo, you need to capture the pose very comfortably. Here are some tips to help you with this.

Methods of Taking Pictures Without Touching the Screen!

Here are the methods of taking Selfie photos without touching a random button without touching the screen…

1. Show the palm of your hand

Some Xiaomi mobile phones have been recently “Photo with palm”

It offers an option called . To activate, simply click on the menu in the upper right corner and activate the option. When you show the palm of your hand to the camera, a three-second timer automatically pops up, so you don’t have to get in shape to get your favorite pose and photo.

2. timer

The timer is a classic and extremely useful for taking pictures without touching the mobile phone. It is a very useful feature in the MIUI camera application, as there are different preset times.

3. Volume Down Button

After turning on the front camera, if you press the volume down button, a small timer will be activated and you can take a photo without pressing the button on the screen.

4. Burst Timer

This is Xiaomi’s last way to take a photo with the selfie camera without having to touch the screen.

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