Peach ice cream at home

Man probably prepared the first ice cream as “karsambaç”, as it was called in Anatolia. So he took the snow and mixed it with sweet things like honey, and in some places spices, turned it into a cold dessert. We can find tens of thousands of years old recipes made with snow from China to South America. There is even some information that Alexander the Great ate a cold dessert made with honey, milk, snow and spices during his expedition to Persia. In the Ottoman period, ice cream was made with sherbet and goat’s milk. A simple ice cream machine was also invented, which was kept cold at all times and which, by frequent mixing, provided a homogeneous distribution of ice crystals. This flavor, which is a mixture of milk and sherbet, was made in different geographies of the world and delivered to Italy by Marco Polo. Cream, that is, raw cream, condensed milk and goat’s milk with salep were used in the recipes.


This ice cream we know and love is the work of Aleppo. Although it is written in some sources that it was learned and brought by a Marash master who went to Aleppo, and in some sources he found it by chance, salep has been the raw material of Turkish ice cream. In the basic recipe of ice cream, which is made in thousands of different varieties today, salep and goat’s milk are cooked by adding sugar and a small amount of salt, and then it is beaten to obtain a consistency. Let’s take a look at the pre-salep ice cream recipes that can be easily made at home today and color our flavor chart by trying them. I wish you a healthy and happy weekend.

Vanilla ice cream


-2 glasses of raw cream -1 glass of milk -8 tablespoons of granulated sugar -A pinch of sea salt -7 egg yolks


Mix the cream, milk, sugar and salt in a saucepan and cook for 5 minutes. Whisk the egg yolks well in a separate place.

Let’s take a spoonful of the creamy mixture and feed it to the yolks of the lump. Then, let’s continue to cook the cream with egg yolk added, stirring constantly. Let’s pass the thickened ice cream through a strainer. Let it rest until it comes to room temperature and beat it with a mixer. Let’s put it in the freezer and whisk it again every 10 minutes so that it gets consistency. Let’s continue this process until the cream turns into ice cream. When it solidifies, shape it with the help of an ice cream spoon and serve it. Bon Appetit.

* At the last stage of whisking, we can add chocolate chips, freshly chopped fruits, vanilla powder.

Peach Ice Cream


-4 ripe peaches -1 glass of raw cream -1 tea glass of milk -8 tablespoons of granulated sugar -A pinch of sea salt -4 egg yolks Vanilla


Let’s separate the peaches from the seeds and skins.

Let’s mash 3 peaches. Let’s cook the cream, milk, sugar, sea salt and vanilla in a saucepan, stirring, without letting it boil. In a separate place, whisk the egg yolks and gradually add the creamy mixture. Put it back on the stove and cook until it thickens. Transfer it to a bowl and let it sit until it comes to room temperature. Then add the mashed peaches and whisk. Let it rest for half an hour in the freezer and take it out and whisk again. Let’s repeat this process a few times. Let’s chop the peach we separated last, add it and mix it one last time. Let it solidify in the freezer and then serve. Bon Appetit.

*We can also make an ice cream by mixing a jam of our choice with cream, milk and salt, cooking it and whisking it out of the freezer frequently.

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