NASA: We’ve found definitive proof of life on Mars!

American Space and Aviation Administration ( NASA), which has been on the surface of Mars for some time Perseverance spacecraft

collected by The earliest examples contain evidence that water was present on the Red Planet billions of years ago.

NASA: We’ve found definitive proof that there is life!

As it is known, Perseverance, recently ‘ Montdenier‘ and ‘ Montagnac‘. NASA analyzes these samples from 385 million kilometers away. NASA

On the Red Planet thanks to the Perseverance spacecraft of a livable, sustainable environment‘ turned out to be ‘.

According to the samples taken from the rocks, the rocks have a basaltic composition consisting of ancient lava flows. The level of change they see in the rock, according to the scientists, a proof that groundwater has been available for a long time.

Mitch Schulte, from NASA Headquarters, made a comprehensive statement on the subject as follows;

“These samples are of high value for future laboratory analysis on Earth. One day we may unravel the sequence and timing of the environmental conditions represented by the minerals of this rock. This will help answer the big question about the history and stability of liquid water on Mars. ”

“The salt minerals in these first two rock cores may also have trapped tiny bubbles of ancient Martian water. These minerals may serve as microscopic time capsules that offer clues about the ancient climate and habitability of Mars. Salt minerals are capable of preserving traces of ancient life on Earth. It is also well known.”

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