My Phone Won’t Connect to Wifi! Here are the analysis methods

Many users are experiencing wireless network contact problems with their phones for various reasons. People who have WiFi connection problems on their phone can take a look at the article we prepared.

Android and iOS users may encounter different problems. We have prepared an article for you with analyzes for both iOS and Android.

What to do for WiFi relationship problem

First of all, you should start the processes by checking your wireless connection settings. Click on the notification panel. Then on the screen that appears airplane mode and check the WiFi. Both portable access and WiFi contact are automatically disabled when airplane mode is enabled.

Automatic available on both iOS and Android devices Mac address may be blocking your connection due to the change feature. Using the search section in the Settings tab Wireless Network Settings

Go to menu. Then, on the screen that appears, Change Mac Addressor Private Address

Turn off feature.

Changes made to the wireless network are sometimes not detected by the devices. Enter the settings menu. Then click on the Wireless Network tab. After selecting the wireless network whose settings you want to reset Forget Wireless Network

Try reconnecting to the network by pressing the button.

Users who have WiFi contact problems can resolve the connection issue by changing the channel setting of their network. After logging into the modem interface, click on the tab with the WiFi settings. 2. 4GHz in the band 1. 6th and 11th. channels are recommended.

In some cases, position services can block the use of WiFi. To turn off the position services, enter the Settings menu. Then, on the screen that appears, click the Implicit tab. After turning off the Position setting in the Privacy tab, try connecting to the wireless network again.

Including Bluetooth and WiFi settings Resetting Network Settings

To perform the process , go to the Settings menu. Then click on the General Settings tab on the screen that appears. After logging into the Reset menu, click Reset Network Settings.

Some processes differ in Android operating system interfaces developed by smartphone manufacturers.

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