Laptop Not Connecting to Internet Problem and Solution

The most well-known of these problems is that the laptop device cannot connect to the internet. In our content, we will give you the most precise analysis procedures for the problem of laptop not connecting to the internet.

Before the analysis methods, it should be the first thing you do to control the modem lights that we see classically. You can check from a different computer or smart phone whether the modem is broadcasting the internet properly.

If there is no problem so far, let’s examine our analysis methods:

Activate Laptop Wifi

The most common and well-known problem is turning off the Wifi feature from the Wifi ON/OFF keys on laptop devices. Turning it back on would be the easiest solution to the “not connecting to the internet” problem. Every Laptop manufacturer has its own Wifi On and Off button. You can see this by examining the “F” keys.

In order to activate the Laptop Wifi feature, you must first hold down the “FN” (Function) key and then press the Wifi key simultaneously from among the “F” keys. The features in the “F” keys are activated with the “FN” key. In other words, just pressing the “F” key and the Wifi ON/OFF key will not be a sufficient process. For this reason, you must first press and hold the Wifi key, which is located in the FN keys and then the F keys.

Make Sure Wifi Driver Is Installed

Every hardware on our laptop has a driver software. Thanks to this driver software, we can use the hardware without any problems. The most valuable solution for the laptop cannot connect to the internet problem is that the Wifi drivers are installed. We can control this from the “Device Manager” screen.

  • Right-click on the “This PC” icon from the desktop and select “Manage”.
  • Click on “Device Manager” from the options on the left.
  • Find the “Network adapter”; from the hardware here and click on it.

If the driver software is problematic, the Wifi hardware located here will be at the exclamation mark. You can update the hardware drivers by right-clicking on the Wifi network with the exclamation point and selecting the “Update Driver” option. Assuming that you are connected to the internet via cable, analysis can be provided in this way.

If it is not possible to contact with wired internet, you can manually install the relevant hardware drivers from a different computer with internet access via your hardware manufacturer’s driver download page.

Laptop Does Not See Wifi, Sees Other Devices

Another situation that we can describe as a border-breaking problem is that other hardware other than Laptop, as the title suggests, sees the Wifi network. While the tablets – smart phones – smart devices in your home can connect to the Wifi network, the Laptop may not connect to the relevant Wifi network.

The frequency band that modems broadcast must be compatible for all devices. If the frequency band of the modem is not compatible with your laptop device, it cannot find and connect to the Wifi network. extensive content on this Laptop Not Seeing Wifi you can visit its content and eliminate the problem through related analysis.

Get Your Laptop Out of Airplane Mode

The “Airplane Mode” feature, which appeared after Windows 8, is one of the important and easy reasons for not connecting to the internet via a laptop. When Airplane mode is active, your connection with all networks is disconnected and the Wifi feature becomes passive. By turning off Airplane mode on Windows, you can enable Wifi networks to be found and connected again.

To do this, click on the network connections icon in the lower right corner of the taskbar and deactivate it with the “Airplane Mode” button. Thus, the device whose airplane mode will be turned off will be able to find and connect to Wifi networks again.

Make Sure Your Laptop Is In Wifi Range

Wifi signal strengths of modems can vary. In one-to-one form, it can show different performances on Laptop devices. Considering this situation, we need to make sure that we are in the position where the modem is broadcasting.

Especially considering that you are in an apartment, Wifi signals weakening with every wall or roughness and the contact disappears after a while. Modems generally emit signals in a circular fashion and every drawback causes these signals to disappear.

Resolving Laptop Not Connecting to Internet Issue with Diagnostic Option

We can provide solutions to Wifi problems that we may encounter in software with this formula. IP conflict or many other undetected problems will be able to find solutions with this formula. You can apply this feature, which is built into Windows, thanks to the following process steps.

  • Right click on the network contact icon located at the bottom right of the windows mission bar and click on “Open network and internet settings”.
  • Find the “Change adapter options” option from the window that appears and log in.
  • Find the Wifi network on the screen that appears, right-click it, and select “Properties”.
  • Click on the “Diagnose” option from the small window that opens.
  • After this process, problems in the Wifi network will be searched and analysis will be provided with “Problem is Recognized”.

The Diagnose feature for Windows 10 is realized with these steps. If you are a Windows 11 user Microsoft

You can reach the new steps on the website.

No Wifi Connected Internet Problem

If your computer is connected to Wifi but there is no internet, it is necessary to check the modem first. If the WAN light of the modem is not lit, it will mean that there is an infrastructure problem. You will need to report this to your service provider and make a request to resolve the issue. There are many reasons for this problem. because of that No wifi connected internet you can visit its content and learn what needs to be done.

Exclamation Appears on Wifi Icon Laptop Won’t Connect to Internet

The absence of internet access is sometimes not due to hardware, but may be on the side of the service provider you receive service from. To test this, verify whether you have internet access on your phone or tablet other than your Laptop device. If there is no internet access here, you can contact your service provider directly and take a basis in solving the problem.

In addition, your service provider will support you in hardware problems caused by modems. You can request modem repair or replacement by contacting your service provider directly without seeking service from a random technical service.

We have presented the most precise solutions for the laptop not connecting to the internet problem in our article. If you are still having problems with providing an analysis, you can contact us in the comment section.

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