How To Turn On Instagram Disappearing Message Mode? What is Instagram Disappearing Message Mode?

The Instagram application, which is supported by many phones today, was established in 2010. Having achieved great success in a short time, Instagram was acquired by the world’s giant technology company Facebook, only 2 years after its establishment . Instagram, which is a photo and image editing and sharing application, is a free social media application. The Instagram application, which is frequently used by all ages and in many parts of the world, has exceeded 1 billion users as of 2008. The Instagram application, which frequently renews itself and brings various updates over time, tries to offer a better experience to its users. The most striking of these features was the Instagram disappearing notification mode feature. Many users wonder how this feature, which came in 2021, is used. So what is Instagram disappearing message mode? How to turn on Instagram disappearing notification mode? We have compiled the answers to all these questions for you in our news. . .

One of the most used social media applications in the world is Instagram. Instagram offers its users the opportunity to edit and share various photos and images. Instagram, which has passed the 1 billion active user threshold, was purchased by Facebook for 1 billion dollars in 2012. Instagram, which still exists within the body of Facebook, has added various new sharing modes such as ‘Instagram reels’ ; and ‘IGTV’ over time. As an innovative application, Instagram frequently adds new features to its body. The most striking in the middle of these features was the disappearing notification mode, one of the latest updates brought by Instagram. Many Instagram users are researching what disappearing message mode is and how to use it. You can find all the details about what the Instagram disappearing message mode is and how to use it in our content. . .

What is Instagram Disappearing Message Mode, How To Open It?

Instagram, which was founded in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, has taken its place in the middle of social media giant applications today. The biggest reason for the success of Instagram, which has users of all ages and regions, is that it is an innovative social media application. The disappearing notification mode feature, which is one of the latest updates of Instagram, which adds new features to itself every day, is also frequently investigated.

After the disappearing notification mode is activated, the notification you sent to the other party disappears after it is read. In other words, as in the other chat screen, the messages are not visible and disappear after being read. Parties can no longer see their past messages. To turn on Instagram disappearing message mode, follow these steps;

  • First of all, open the Instagram application on your phone.

  • Afterwards, click on the notification icon on the top right of the Instagram main page to open your message screen.

  • On the page that opens, enter the chat screen with the individual you want your messages to disappear.

  • Slide your finger to the top truth on the page by touching the bottom of the page with the papers.

  • In this case, you will receive a warning that the disappearing message mode has been turned on, and the disappearing message mode will be turned on.

  • When you open the disappearing message mode, the other party receives a notification that you have opened it. In addition, if you want to turn off the disappearing message mode, you can turn off this mode by swiping your real finger from the bottom of the page in the same way.

  • You should also know that if you take a screenshot of the notifications before the notifications disappear in the disappearing message mode, the other party will be notified.

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