How to turn off last seen feature on Instagram?


Some people’s source of income, some individuals live their lives, and some individuals just use it to spend time. Instagram is in the middle of the most recognizable apps. It is also being discussed one-on-one with its new features.

While both existing features and new features of Instagram are liked by some individuals, they are seen as unnecessary by some individuals. Also on WhatsApp “last seen”

With the feature coming to Instagram, more than one user’s mind “How to turn off Instagram last seen?” comes the question.

What does Instagram last seen feature do?

Last seen feature, last seen onlinewhen you are and right now active on Instagram shows the individuals you are messaging directly or not. Instagram remembers when you last checked the app. Just like that, this feature is turned on by default.

However, if you do not want to show that you are online in real time, it is possible to disable this feature by following the steps we will show you.

How to turn off Instagram last seen feature on phone?

  • On your device Instagram

    Open the application and click on it in the lower right corner of the home screen. profile

    Tap the icon.

  • Then tap on the three-line menu in the upper right corner.
  • From the options that appear, ” Settings”.
  • Then “ Closed”.
  • Click “” in the middle of the options that appear. Motion Status“.
  • Then “ Show Activity Status” option.
  • As a result of these processes, you will have turned off your last seen feature.

How to turn off Instagram last seen feature from computer?

  • Login to your Instagram account from the browser.
  • Click on your profile photo “ Settings” option.
  • Then from the options in the right corner ” Confidentiality and Security”.
  • Motion Status” under ” Show Activity Status” By unchecking the box, you turn off the last seen feature.

Who sees the ‘Last Seen’ feature?

Last Seen” feature is not publicly available. Just because you follow on Instagram and direct notification is viewed by the individuals you send. If you have an open account and the person you don’t follow sends you a direct message, the last enabled can’t see the time you are.

If you have not updated the Instagram application, it is not possible to see this feature. note that currentif you are using an app, your friends and people you follow last seen information you can see.

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