How to reset iPhone without password?

There is almost no way to access an iPhone without knowing the Lock Screen Passcode. So is there no way? Here are the iPhone reset methods!


If you don’t know the steps to reset without your password, Lock Screen Password there is almost no way to access an iPhone without knowing it.

Lock Screen Password on iPhone

Setting prevents different users from accessing your device without knowing the Lock Screen Password.

If you forget the Lock Screen Passcode, iPhone will only allow a few incorrect Passcode attempts, and then the passcode will be temporarily locked.

If more incorrect login attempts are made, iPhone will be permanently locked and “Your iPhone is disabled”

Displays a clear message that says .

After this point, the only way to access your device is to remove the Lock Screen Passcode and this can only be achieved by Resetting the iPhone.

What will you do when something like this happens to you?

Here are two different methods you need to know and do to Reset iPhone without Passcode!

1. Reset iPhone Using Find My iPhone

i on your iphone Find Phone

If you have enabled before, Find My iPhone by Apple

You can follow the steps below to Reset iPhone using service.

1. Mac or PC

in your icloud. com and sign in to your iCloud Account by entering your Apple ID and Password.

2. After entering iCloud Find iPhone

Click the icon.

3. If requested, ‘Find iPhone’

To Login to service Your Apple ID Password

Enter .

4. On the next screen, click on All Devices (top center of the screen) and select the iPhone you want to Erase.

5.Then, Lock Screen Password

To delete all data on your device, including Erase iPhone

Click on .

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