How to recover deleted WhatsApp photos?

WhatsApp application all over the world, including our country millionspeople are using it. Although it became the focus of criticism due to its new privacy policy earlier this year, it is still one of the most used messaging applications.

One of the issues that most users are wondering about, especially recently. restore deleted photos whether it is possible to fetch. A message that we usually send or receive after accidental deletion This situation we encounter can be a bit annoying. Alright WhatsApp deleted photos

How to get back? We explained it in our article.

Here’s how to recover deleted WhatsApp photos step by step

Users, restore deleted photos although he thinks it can’t be fetched actually this is not true. Your deleted photos can be recovered at some points we can easily say. However, for this we will give below methods complete you need to apply.

Check WhatsApp folder

Unfortunately, iOS users cannot access file systems

This method for For Android devices is valid. The app displays all the photos you send and receive. default

as WhatsApp folder. Therefore, even if you delete the photo from the chat From WhatsApp folder will not be deleted.

To get to this folder file manager you need to use. For this you came with your phone. built-in file manager will be healthier to use. If you wish, in the Google Play Store to various file managers you can also take a look.

To recover deleted photos, first Storage> WhatsApp> Media> WhatsApp Images follow the steps. NS er a picture you sent also if you are looking for WhatsApp Images included in the file Cent

Browse to the folder. If you found your deleted photos here, then the problem is solved. On the other hand, you can also recover video, GIF and audio files by following the same steps.

Check WhatsApp chat backup date

If the above procedure did not work, Settings > Chats > To Chat Backup go to . Here on WhatsApp when was your last backup occurred and your data how often to back up you will see the information as you set it. If the pictures after last backup to recover your photos if you have deleted them Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp you will need to install. When reinstalling WhatsApp, restore from backup

If you accept all your messages, images and videos will be restored.

Try the chat export method

One of the ways to restore deleted photos is export chat. For this Settings> Chats> Chat History> Transfer Chat you need to follow the steps. Later on which chat are your pictures from is deleted Choosing your WhatsApp account will be required. Here’s to you” Include Media”. Upon this export to email after clicking the option in the chat you selected. all data instantly you will reach.

WhatsApp deleted photos can be recovered at some point.

WhatsApp deleted photos not recovered?

Many users prefer to custom recovery apps should also be mentioned. on the market WhatsApp or for other apps which claims to recover deleted data dozens of applications are available. However, these applications specific fees requests. And also even if you pay to tell if the software will actually recover any data unfortunately not possible.

How to restore deleted WhatsApp photos?

Unfortunately, how to recover deleted data from WhatsApp the only real way, without deleting your files make a backup first

get . WhatsApp, end-to-end encrypted due to chat histories on their servers does not. Therefore, unfortunately, it does not seem possible to contact the company to recover messages or files.

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