How to limit data on Netflix?

Netflix, which has attracted a lot of attention recently with its original productions and hosts the most preferred online series, movies, documentaries and many other productions, actually gave users the opportunity to limit the data they use. But many users do not know how to activate this feature.

Netflix allows limiting the amount of data it uses

Recently, Netflix users have been complaining about this, stating that the popular online platform uses a lot of data. In the statements given on the platform’s official site regarding data usage, for standard resolution video broadcasts while watching TV series, movies or programs, approximately
It is stated that 1 GB of data is used for HD video broadcasts, and approximately 3 GB of data per hour. Although Netflix has announced low numbers regarding data usage, this is not the case, according to users. Even though Netflix offers the download option to its users, there is no difference in data usage between watching the production online or downloading it. At this point, how can internet users who have a data usage quota turn this negative situation into a positive one?

How to set Netflix data usage settings on the computer?

For users who will watch Netflix on a computer, the platform offers four data usage settings as Low, Medium, High and Automatic as data usage options. In these data usage settings, users can choose 0.3 GB per hour for each device if they choose Low setting, 0.7 GB per hour for each device if they choose Medium setting, and if they choose High, i.e. best video quality, maximum per hour for each device when watching HD It is stated that a maximum of 7 GB of data is consumed per hour for each device when watching 3 GB and Ultra HD, and it is stated that if they choose the Automatic option, the highest possible quality will be offered depending on the internet connection speed.

These data usage options can be selected separately for each profile when using multiple profiles. Users watching Netflix on a computer, first Netflix to set data usage settings. com using their user names and passwords, then select the account for which they want to determine data usage, and select Account>> My Profile> Execution Settings> Select your desired data usage setting> They can choose the desired data usage setting by following the save path. Of course, changing data usage settings directly affects video quality. Data usage setting changes made by users in their profiles take effect within 8 hours. As a detail, Netflix unfortunately does not allow to change the data usage setting in the child profile.

How to set Netflix data usage settings on smartphones?

Netflix, the platform that allows a production to be automatically recorded and then continued to be watched on a different device from where it left off, and the productions to be downloaded to mobile devices, has become a platform preferred by many users on smartphones. Users watching Netflix on their smartphones are offered four options: Automatic, Wireless only, Data saving and Maximum data, where they can make data usage settings changes in the platform’s mobile application.

Among these settings, if users prefer the Automatic setting, a data usage setting that balances data usage with good video quality is selected, while this setting allows them to watch content for approximately 4 hours with 1 GB of data. hours of content are allowed. While there is no information about data usage in the wireless only option, it is stated that in this option, the device can only be watched while connected to the wireless network. Finally, if users choose the maximum data option, they are allowed to watch content using 1GB or more of data in 20 minutes at the highest quality, depending on device and network speeds. Users watching Netflix on their smartphones, first open the Netflix application to adjust the data usage settings and select Menu>> Application Settings> Cellular Data Usage> You can choose the desired data usage setting by following the “Choose your preferred setting” path. If mobile users who want to change their data usage settings are downloading via Netflix, the system does not allow you to change their data usage settings.

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