How to hide suggested items in Windows 11 Start Menu?

Microsoft’s, coming soon Windows 11 operating system, Start Menu changes it drastically in a number of areas. But other features In earlier versions of Windows keeps it as is.

To Windows 11 Start Menu

If you look at you’ll see a list of apps and contacts displayed at the top. Some of these are fixed; others by Windows 11 is automatically affected.

Windows 11 thus offers a more flexible use.

Under this Recommended part. Displays recently added applications and recently opened documents. note that Microsoft

It can also be used by to display offers to the user. in Windows 11 Recommended

It is possible to disable the part.

Microsoft keeps the options in the Settings app under Individualization. on Windows 10 Settings / Individuation and Start

You can find it under option.

– Show recently added apps.
– Show most used apps.
– Show offers in middle row Start.
– Show recently opened items in Jump lists in Start or in the mission bar and Document Explorer Quick Access.

Disable Suggested items in Start Menu

At this point, the adjustment that users have to make is actually very easy.

– Select Start / Settings / Personalization.
– Look for Show recently added apps and turn it off.
– Define the Use most show apps option as passive.
– Click the Launch Jump List and show recently opened items in Document Explorer button and disable it.

Changes take effect automatically. In this way, you can customize Windows 11 and use it more flexibly.

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