How to extend phone battery life?

As you know, the reason why we call smart phones smart is that we can do many things through this device. The features of the phones are increasing day by day, the device gains new capabilities and therefore the transactions we make increase accordingly.

In this context, the battery life of our phones becomes shorter as a result of intensive use. With this in mind, we’ve put together some information that will help you keep your phone’s battery life a little longer.

Here are the tricks to extend the charging time of your phone;

Power saving modes

Our smartphone settings

With this feature in , it is possible to extend the battery life of your phone. It will be very useful especially in emergency situations when your battery is about to run out.

Screen brightness settings

Screen brightness is one of the most energy-consuming factors on your phone. While you can easily see your screen in a dim environment with low screen brightness, keeping the screen brightness at a high level will waste your phone’s battery life.

Our recommendation; screen brightness in auto mode to use.

Connection properties and location settings

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC

Connection settings such as are another factor that drains your phone’s battery the fastest.

It is useful to keep the Wi-Fi connection turned off when you do not need it. Otherwise, your phone will run out of battery life faster due to some situations such as trying to find a location when you don’t need it, continuing to make Wi-Fi calls, or updating without you knowing.

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