How to do a technology detox? Get rid of unnecessary use

Technology, which offers many conveniences when used correctly, leaves harmful effects when used excessively. So, How to Do a Technology Detox?

With the digital evolution, we started to spend most of our time on digital platforms. Computer addiction, which is common in people, also manifests itself as social media addiction in adults. This situation also minimizes our communication with the environment. The lack of communication that starts in the family and in the circle of friends is seen with its negative effects in both social life and business life. With Technology it is not possible for us to completely break our relationship; but it is possible to limit ourselves with digital detox.

Technology dominates our lives, plays the leading role and directs it. It exerts a decisive influence on our self, perception and behavior. While many people cannot imagine a life without technology, many people seek to get away from the negative atmosphere created by technology. technology detox does.

Technology detox; we can define it as getting rid of the psychological and physiological effects of technology on us, getting away from its harmful reflections, living in isolation from technology for a certain period of time. So how do you purify with a technology detox?

Here are some suggestions for tech detox you can do:

Plan your time right

Plan the time you spend on technological devices. Don’t spend most of the day with them. If you have a job that runs with the computer and phone, rest your brain by staying away from these devices when you come home in the evening. Being too busy is both harmful in terms of radiation and encourages a sedentary life, your brain gets tired, your anxiety level increases and it affects your eyes negatively.

Focus on your hobbies

Spend more time on the things you love, as you see how much you enjoy doing them, you will start to move away from technological products. Reading books, listening to music, drawing pictures, solving puzzles can be given as examples. Thus, you will both feel better and spend time without drowning in social media or work. You will also notice that you are being listened to.

Get Social

Make real socialization a priority instead of digital socialization. Organize family gatherings outside the home on a specific day of the week and put their phones aside. Just dialogue with each other. A nature trip together at the weekend is one of the best ways to get rid of technology. On a trip with family or friends, all of you turn off your phones and focus on the time you spend together.

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