How to disable microphone and camera in Android 12?

With Android 12 on mobile operating system Privacy options have changed significantly. However, any application system sources you can accessor without your permission microphone / to cameraIf you think you can reach it, you can easily access it. can limit or passive halo you can bring.

Thanks to this method, camera and microphone access can be turned on or off quickly on Android 12.

Disable microphone and camera on Android 12

Android 12 beta

Users who have installed the version just need to follow these steps.

Quick Settings It is necessary to scroll down the screen to reveal the menu. later shortcuts full menu also requires a small swipe to open it. Automatically after seeing the full list Camera Access and Microphone Access options are coming.

But if these phrases are not visible, make an edit with the pencil icon on the left. camera and microphone is possible to include in this section.

To be done later The process is very simple. You can turn off or on one-click access for both camera and microphone.

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