How to delete Google Chrome browsing data?

Google Chrome browsing history

You don’t want your to become an obvious target, but you don’t know how to delete your browsing history. . . You are in the right place. In this content Google Chrome browsing history

We explain step by step how to delete your .

How to delete Google Chrome browsing history?

Android’s default web browser Google Chrome, did you know that it has the title of being the most used internet browser all over the world? But as it is known, the search engine Google stores the searches made and the websites entered. This may expose the user to annoying advertisements or unwanted services.

To avoid such a situation, you can clear your Google search history. So how to clear Google search history? How to clear Google search history? Here is the answer;

Steps to delete Google Chrome browsing history;

  1. First on your Android phone or tablet Google Chrome

    Open the app.

  2. Top right More History

    Tap .
    (If your address bar is at the bottom of the screen, swipe up on the address bar. Tap History)

  3. After this process clear browsing data

    Tap the tab.

  4. Time range

    Next to “” choose how much of the download history you want to delete. If you want to delete everything All time

    Select .

  5. Browsing history“, then uncheck any other data you don’t want to delete.
  6. Finally clear data

    Tap .

That’s it! In 6 steps, you deleted all the unwanted data in your browsing history. If you have different topics that you are wondering how to do, please do not forget to share with us. You ask us, and we will explain step by step how it is done with a similar content for our valued readers.

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