How to decorate the study room in small dwellings?

One of the thoughts that makes people think in small houses is the opinion of ‘What should I put where?’. However, it is possible to create greatness in a small dwelling by considering your plan and form. However, although the working areas are mostly built in a different room of the house, this is unfortunately not possible in small houses.

With the widespread use of today’s technology, the concept of “home office” entered our lives. So, let’s always look at how you can create a working area in a corner of your house when you are at home. . .


The first thing you should do first is to explore every corner of your residence. You may find a small gap or a gap in the middle of two columns in a corner of your home that you do not pay attention to.

To create a workspace in a small residence, you can personalize your workspace by adding a thin small desk to a corner of your living room. You can design the wall in your workspace by adding wallpapers or frames.

If you want to create a more marginal environment in your workspace, you can apply chalkboard paint to the corner where you create the workspace. So you can write your notes on the wall with chalk while you work. Thus, this fiction will add a different atmosphere to your residence.

If you share your work area with other rooms of the house, you should not restrict the function of that room at the same time. You can do this with a built-in wardrobe or a bookcase. So when you’re done with your work, you can hide your workspace.

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