How to change PlayStation username?

As of today, PSN online ID change feature has been activated for all PlayStation 4 users. However, many users do not yet know how to do this. In this article, we will tell you step by step how to change your username.

How to change PlayStation username?

A system where you can change your identity over the system as well as via your web browser will be active today. Thanks to the contributions and feedback of the players participating in the beta program, this system will be presented to us today in its most error-free form.

In addition, we wouldn’t want to go without saying that most PS4 games released after April 1, 2018 only support this change, along with changing your username. In some of the games released after this date, the ID change may not work properly.

For more details and information before changing your online ID, you can find the list of tested games here. Most PlayStation games currently actively played support this feature.

Of course, we also thought that you might have questions about this feature that you have been waiting for a long time, so we prepared a Q&A that explains the whole process. If a question in your mind is not answered on this page, you can write it as a comment below, dear Teknolojioku followers.

Where can I change my online ID?

You can change your ID on your PS4 system or in your Web browser.

PlayStation 4:

Step 1: On your PlayStation 4, enter [Settings].
Step 2: [Account Management] > [Account Info] > [Profile] > Follow the [Online ID] steps
Step 3: Enter the ID of your choice or choose one of the suggested IDs.
Step 4: Complete the process by following the on-screen instructions.

Web Browser:

Step 1: Log into your PlayStation Network account and click the [PSN Profile] tab on the left menu.
Step 2: Click [Edit] next to Online ID.
Step 3: Enter the ID of your choice or choose one of the suggested IDs.
Step 4: Complete the process by following the on-screen instructions.

Can I change my online ID on PS3 and PS Vita?

No. This change can only be made via PS4 and Web browsers.

Will I pay to change my ID?

The first change of your online ID is free. There will be charges for subsequent changes. PlayStation Plus members enjoy a 50% discount for making changes to their online ID.

Will my friends be able to find me on my new online ID?

When changing your online identity, you will be able to show your old identity in addition to your new identity in your profile for 30 days, upon your request. This way, your friends will also be aware that your identity has changed.

How many times can I change my ID?

In general, there are no restrictions on online identity changes. You can change it as much as you want.

Can I undo the change after changing my ID?

You can revert to your old ID as long as your old ID doesn’t violate the user agreement. To do this, simply email or phone PlayStation Help.

Will I be charged anything when I revert the change?

No, reverting the change will be done free of charge.

What will happen to my old ID? Will anyone else be able to get that ID?

No, your old identity will remain as private to you as your new identity.

Will I still be able to revert to one of my old IDs if I change my online ID more than once?

Yes, you can revert to any of your old IDs as long as it doesn’t violate the user agreement.

Can all accounts change their online ID?

All accounts except child accounts under Parent accounts can change their online identities.

Why do games released after April 1, 2018 have this support but not older ones?

Games released after this date were produced in a system that supports this change.

Will future games also support this change?

All PS4 games produced after April 1, 2018 support this feature, but we cannot guarantee full support of the games.

What problems can I encounter in case of a problem?

Below you can find potential problems you may encounter. However, these problems are expected to happen to you in very few games.

  • Your old identity may be visible in some games.
  • You may lose your in-game progress in some games. (This includes your save data, leaderboard data, and trophy purchase data.)
  • In some games, you may not be able to access the DLCs or virtual goods you have purchased before.

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