How to change Gmail password in 4 steps?

There are many applications on the internet, but perhaps the most used application in the world Gmail. For Gmail account is actively used in daily life, in business life, by android phone/tablet/tv users. Therefore, password security is very important. In this sense, our article We talked about how you can change your Gmail password in just 4 steps.

How to change Gmail password in 4 steps?

As it is known, Google, which has billions of users, offers its users Gmail accounts is one of the mail systems that is used a lot in daily life.

Especially in most of the applications used on the Internet, an e-mail address is required to log in. That’s why the vast majority of people using the internet have Gmail accounts. Especially for android phone/tablet/tv users. And also Gmail account is used a lot in business life as well as in daily life.

In summary, for many of us, it is a part of our lives and actively used. The privacy of our Gmail accounts, is therefore very important for us users. Users who are aware of this may want to change their passwords for different reasons, sometimes because they forgot their passwords, sometimes because of the concern of deciphering their passwords, sometimes to prevent their passwords from being compromised or for different reasons. on the Internet How to change Gmail password? I forgot my Gmail and Email password, what should I do?, we briefly explained in 4 steps for users who are looking for how to change their Gmail account password.

Change your Gmail password (4 steps)

  1. Open your Google Account. (You may need to sign in)
  2. “Security”

    Under , select Google sign-in.

  3. Password

    Select . (You may need to sign in again)

  4. Enter your new password, then Change Password

    Select . (That is all)

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