How Possible Is It To Bring A Dead Person To Life?

Bringing a dead person back to life, finding the secrets of eternal life… Unfortunately, these patterns cannot go beyond a science fiction movie for all of us. We can only see such things in movies, TV shows, books or legends, but scientists, in order to make such a thing possible has been researching for a very long time.

The work of scientists to bring back to life a dead person who seems to be just a dream for now and has the potential to bring the end of the world when it comes true that step by step may be true is showing.

People’s efforts to resurrect the dead began in the 1800s

In the 1800s, physicist Giovanni Aldini giving electroshock to dead human and animal corpses was famous for his efforts to bring it back to life. Aldini, who attached a battery to their bodies after reassembling the corpses, turned these efforts into a show, and dozens of people began to attend these demonstrations to find out whether Aldini could bring the dead back to life this time.

Of course, Aldini was never successful. In fact, because these efforts were extremely contrary to the mentality of the period, people, Aldini has a god complex. began to believe and prevented him from experimenting further.

Zombie animals come true

One of the most famous names in the field of reanimation was the American biologist Robert E. Cornish, who became famous for his work in the 1930s. to animal corpses injecting a chemical mixture of anticoagulants and steroidsCornish once managed to get blood circulation by moving two dead dogs back and forth. Cornish, after this success is ready to experiment on human corpses as well. had explained.

The first candidate for this work of Cornish was Thomas McMonigle, a California death row inmate. McMonigle had stated that after he was executed, he could donate his body for Cornish’s experiments. However, the State of California, rejecting this request of the death row convict, blocked Cornish’s research happened.

Is it just our body that makes us who we are?

When we look in the mirror, most people see the same things. Eyes, hands, feet that allow us to walk, a pair of lips to express our thoughts. However, we are much more than what we see in the mirror. What to do and what not to do where we can make decisions, understand the difference between good and badwe have a consciousness.

If you’re aware, people who die in science fiction movies come to life mostly as a zombie returns. People who once lived like you and us, after they die and come back to life, unconsciously just a creature focused on feeding on humans

They become .

A study that most clearly revealed this death-zombie event was conducted by scientists at Yale University.

“Is death a final end?”, scientists looking for an answer, 4 hours ago the brain of a slaughtered pig in a slaughterhouse tried to return brain cells by connecting them to machines in the laboratory environment.

Researchers, who developed a system called BrainEx in order to transmit artificial nutrients to the brain’s networks, were able to receive signals from brain cells as a result of long efforts. However, these signals for showing that the brain is a living brain was too far away. Zvonimir Vrselja, one of the lead authors of the study, states that the signals obtained in the published article do not indicate that the brain is alive, but that the brain is alive. can only be reactivated cellular.

In other words, signals received from the brain of a dead pig, unlike a living pig, can’t feel or think anything His consciousness, which made the pig a pig rather than its outward appearance, was not there, although the signal was received.

Rather than shedding light on the way this work brings a dead creature back to life, Vrselja argues, more to understand the stages of brain death states that they are useful.

People who come back to life after the time of death is determined: The Lazarus phenomenon

Although Lazarus syndrome is considered an extremely rare condition, return to life of a person who was considered dead

It’s called . In fact, this phenomenon is only seen in brain-dead patients.

President of the Association of Forensic Scientists Prof. Dr. Hamid Hancı explains the Lazarus phenomenon with these words; “Lazarus symptom is a well-known clinical condition in patients diagnosed with brain death in the clinic, that is, in deceased persons, when different parts of the body are touched, the dead person moves as a reflex, pulls his arms and even makes an involuntary movement as if he wants to sit. The Lazarus phenomenon is the resurrection of the patient. Lazarus phenomenon is a reflex originating from the spinal cord, which is rarely seen in patients diagnosed with brain death. It causes fear in people who first encounter it and have never heard of it. However, it is only a spinal/spinal cord reflex and does not change the diagnosis of death. This picture is for inexperienced brain death diagnostic team/clinical staff may cause denial of death by

As can be seen, the fact that a patient who is considered dead shows Lazarus symptoms does not change the fact of death. The patient returns to the ex state shortly after showing these symptoms. However, a study conducted by British scientists in 2007 found that patients with Lazarus symptoms 35% of them continue their lives in a healthy way. reveals.

Bioquark has been working on this for about 5 years

Bioquark, a US-based company, has started a treatment method for stem cells on people with brain death under the name of Reanima Project. The aim of this study, which started about 5 years ago, patients who are considered dead due to brain deathto bring back to life.

There is not much current news about the work of the company, but in the past years, this work of the company “unethical”, Bioquark may have decided to conduct these studies more secretly. If you want to get more detailed information about Bioquark’s Reanima Project, you can click here.

What happens in the world if we can resurrect a dead person?

In fact, we have received the answer to this question from dozens of science fiction films so far. Increasing population, insufficient food resources for billions of people, famine humankind will no longer be able to live on Earth. will come.

Although it is cruel, as a result, life will be sought on other planets, which is one of the biggest efforts of scientists right now. If we don’t find life on another planet, maybe to mass murderswe will witness.

As a result, raising a dead person may be an innovation that we, even our grandchildren, cannot witness. As an alternative to this currently impossible phenomenon, scientists ways to extend human life calling. However, whatever the method, the increasing population of the world may drag humanity towards a pessimistic end.

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