How Herpes Invades Our Nervous System Discovered

causing herpes Herpes Simplex virus is transmitted through the skin and may recur in life span. Although it is usually seen around the lips and nose, it can also be seen in the eyes, brain or genital areas. Mostly personal items from common usage originating from infectious virus, although it can also occur as a result of hormonal changes, horror or high blood pressure. Although it takes about a week in a healthy human body, it changes from person to person and depends on valuable treatment systems. reference may be required.

When the herpes simplex virus is infected, it settles in the bodies of the border cells and when it finds a suitable environment, it can cause cold sores on the skin. to occur causes. The border cells of the virus were identified by a group of researchers from the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in the USA. how you invade

A new study has been published on . Gregory Smith, one of the researchers, said that discovering this path the virus took to enter our border system, for techniques to be developed in the spread and treatment of the virus. very effective underlined that.

“It can be prevented from reaching our nervous system”

Herpes Simplex virus takes place in the immune system before transferring its DNA to the border system. As soon as it finds a suitable environment, mostly due to blood pressure or health concerns. blisters filled with fluid on the skin. Previous studies have shown that the virus dynein

He showed that it spread by penetrating molecules named . According to the article published in the journal Nature, Herpes Simplex virus, which causes herpes, is kinesin

It was discovered that it reached a protein named .

When the rate of spread of the virus is examined, ” dynein” molecule as well as ” kinesin” and thus it reaches our border system. much faster turned out to be spreading. Gregory Smith, an immunologist from Northwestern University, said that by preventing the Herpes Simplex virus from reaching the protein called kinesin, it does not invade the border system and much less turned into a dangerous virus can be provided explained.

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