How do I share someone else’s post to my story on Instagram?

The steps we will follow to share the posts on our home screen on Instagram in our own story are actually quite easy.

After following these steps, it is possible to share all the posts we want as stories on Instagram.

Click on the symbol at the bottom right of the post.

First click on the symbol at the bottom left of the post

There are three symbols under the post we liked: a heart, a comment and a symbol that looks like an airplane.

When you click on the symbol that resembles this plane, just choose ‘Add a post to your story’ on the screen that appears.


Click on Add post to your story.

The last step to share the Instagram post you like on your story

After saying Add Post to Your Story, you can close the page. After this minute, the post will now appear in your story.

Now you have shared.

If you want, you can add comments on the post you share and use music. The rest is up to you.

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