High Humidity Turns Out to Increase Suicide Rates

The problem of climate change, which becomes more important every year, has negative effects in all areas of life.. There are many effects, from the gradual disappearance of green areas to the melting of glaciers. However, although some influences do not sound like such big events, they directly affect the lives of individuals.

As you know, climate change also plays a major role in the increase in humidity. your humidity the effect on human psychology is quite surprising. High humidity, regardless of temperature, is linked to an increase in suicides, according to a new study.

It affects those who use antidepressants more

In a study that included scientists from the United Nations, Sussex and Geneva universities in addition to the University of London Academy, the information collected from 60 countries in the middle of 1979-2016 was examined. As a result, it was concluded that humidity was associated with the increase in suicide rates. in research increasing temperatures was taken into account, but it was seen that humidity was more effective in suicide.

The research included countries with low humidity such as Sweden and Belgium, and countries accustomed to high humidity such as Thailand and Guyana. Research published yesterday in Nature Scientific Reports revealed that women and young people are more affected by humidity when looking at age and gender. However, it was stated that the most affected class were people who struggled with spiritual matters. One of the authors of the research, Dr. Sonja Ayeb-Karlsson explained why: “Those who struggle with mental health problems may be more affected by high humidity than other people. Because antidepressants can affect the body’s ability to regulate temperature. ”

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