Google Maps you are safe with this feature! How is it done?

Google Maps end of speed warning

Driving with is not a hassle. It becomes a skill that gets better and easier with practice. This app is useful for parking schedules, repair work and while driving. speed limits informs you about various rules and makes you pay attention to road signs.

Google offered as a module of the app Google Maps Speed ​​Limit alert feature is designed to inform users about their current smileys that they can show on the phone screen while driving. This application shows details about other information while traveling to your destination and helps you reduce your sense of error by warning you when the system detects that you are exceeding the speed limit.

How to enable Google Maps Speed ​​Limits feature?

1. Google Maps your app version Google Play Store

Make sure to update from .

2. Now open Google Maps and tap your profile photo, Settings

Select .

3. Select Navigation, then scroll down and “Drive”

Search for options.

4. “Speed ​​Limits” and “On” Speedometer “On” and return to the main screen of the Google Maps application.

5.While driving from a friend Face control on Google Maps and compare the face shown on the speedometer.

Google Maps Speed ​​Limits, it is worth remembering that you should not rely too much on the feature and it is not a substitute for caution and vigilance while driving.

That’s all, now you can drive more confidently. You have a nice way.

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