Does wearing glasses at school reduce success?

Although genetic factors are the main reason for the formation and progression of eye disorders, Op. Dr. Marine Carpenter said:

Although it is hoped that face-to-face education will reduce this effect a little, it is thought that changing the screen habit, which occurs in 1.5 years, requires time and effort. For this reason, it is recommended to limit the time spent on the screen as much as possible and to look at a distant point (20 feet = 6 meters) for 20 seconds every 20 minutes (rule 20).

Using glasses increases success

Stating that if glasses are given for an eye disorder detected during the ophthalmologist examination, regular use of these glasses is important in terms of reducing eye fatigue and school success. Dr. Deniz Carpenter, who spends a long time on the screen with light sensitivity, said that using glasses with blue light filters is an effective method in terms of protecting eye structures and reducing eye fatigue.

Don’t neglect the eye glide

Stating that eye shifts that are noticed or always present should not be neglected, Op. Dr. Deniz Carpenter, An eye specialist should be examined as soon as possible. Although the hygiene recommendations required by the pandemic are now known by every person by heart, children should be warned in this sense, and it should be emphasized that they should not touch their eyes without washing their hands, and that they should not scratch their eyes under any circumstances.

Op Dr. Carpenter also said that routine examinations of children should not be interrupted once a year, whether they have a complaint or not.

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