Does Wearing a Mask Have an Effect on Child Health and Development?

which has no scientific basis since the first day of the COVID-19 pandemic numerous claims exists. While these claims are sometimes related to the fact that the disease is a planned situation, sometimes various superstitions can be spread about the vaccine and sometimes about the use of masks. Latest news from the USA that mask use has nothing to do with child development revealed. In other words, another thesis of the people who are against the mask has been refuted.

He works as an infection control specialist at the children’s health center named Mayo Clinic. Dr. Emily Levy, ” We’re not sure masks don’t have developmental effects, but we do know there are negative effects from not trying to stop contagion.“. And not only that. In Arizona 166 at school

According to a study , the number of COVID-19 cases seen in schools that do not use masks, has doubled.

The mask is one of the most powerful steps to ensure safety in schools

The USA has almost declared a war against the use of masks in schools. Because another explanation on the subject is Cincinnati Children’s Hospital by Dr. Made by Joshua Schaffzin. Schaffzin stated that there is a lot of research done so far, that the mask at the point of providing security in schools states that it is one of the most important measures.

In their statements on the subject, scientists on a common point they merge. This point is that the mask has no harm to the health of children. At least research done so far has demonstrated that there is no link between the mask and the child’s health or development. . .

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