Customize the Xiaomi status bar! How-to series!

MIUI is an interface that is characterized by having all kinds of customization options and can offer extensive customization. Although it has so many customization possibilities, we know only certain parts of it. In the middle of these, there is not only the opportunity to change the icons and design of the status bar, but also to individualize it with our own name.

On our phones, it’s MIUI

What the setting allows us is a random Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO is to be able to change the operator text that appears at the top of the screen of their phone. In this way, for example, Turk Telekom You can write and change whatever you want instead of ” and thus you can get a more personal touch.

Customize your status bar

Xiaomi which is the interface of phones MIUI

What’s more, this setting allows us to add not just text, but all kinds of emojis at the same time. This allows us to generate more dynamic results for placing our name or any other personalized text we want.

Your name or random text Xiaomi

add it to the status bar of your

or to customize the status bar, just follow these steps:

  1. Settings> Notifications and Control Center> Go to status bar
  2. After entering, all you have to do is « Edit operator name It remains to access the » option and customize the text as you wish.

In this way, you can enter the texts you want in your status bar and further customize your phone. In fact, this setting can have many advantages. For example, you want to buy a treat for your mother, and you can remember this when you write your mother’s date of birth in the status bar and every time you look at the phone.

The same thing goes for wedding anniversaries 🙂

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