4 Reasons Not To Infect With Pirated Software!

Companies in the past years software and media piracy they looked for different solutions to block it. The fact that licensed content was sometimes very expensive made piracy “somewhat” justified for some users. We know if piracy is going away anytime soon, but there are far less reasons to hack now. So what are these reasons?

Free operating systems

Operating systems such as iOS and Android have changed the expectations of us users. Updates for mobile operating systems are also offered free of charge.

Moreover, while Apple began distributing OS X updates for free with Mountain Lion, Microsoft followed the trend with Windows 10: First, it offered the operating system for free to licensed former Windows users; Afterwards, instead of developing a new Windows, it started to include new features in Windows 10 with free updates.

Of course, these operating systems are not actually free – you must have at least pre-purchased older versions to use them. But once you’ve done that, future updates don’t ask for a penny from you.

In short, the days of Windows non-genuine messages may be numbered.

Affordable streaming services

For reasons that today’s great streaming media services eliminate the need for pirated content. You don’t have to deal with managing your own library if you can access almost any music you want for a reasonable monthly fee. You may not find every piece of music you want, but most users are happy with what streaming services have to offer. The same goes for video and movie services like Netflix.

Thanks to Spotify, Google Music or Apple Music, many users have left pirated music. Netflix, on the other hand, offers such a rich content that it is unfair to those who are dealing with downloading movies.

Monthly subscriptions and quick updates

Family sharing

The old digital services only allowed you to use the service. It’s okay if you live alone, but for couples and families, this system was not very advantageous. You could share pirated content with as many people as you want.

But most streaming services today allow some form of sharing – some for a small extra fee. Apple Music and Spotify have family sharing functionality. Netflix also allows 2 or more people to use the service at the same time, depending on the package you will subscribe to. So you don’t need to download media just for sharing.

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