20 Practical Portable Applications That Will Make Your Life Easier

We fell in love with these portable applications that will not only make your life easier, but also increase your efficiency. Here are practical portable applications that you can use in your daily and business life!

#11 is our favourite!

1. Trello

You can easily use Trello, which is a planning application, with your group mates. This application, which is especially great for business tracking and planning, is available on both desktop and mobile.

2. Office Lens

This application, which helps you to scan and transfer many things such as photos and documents to digital media, is quite a life saver.

3. Focus To-Do

Focus To-Do, which is a to-do application that will allow you to focus on your work, is an application that will relieve you of your heavy workdays and make your work easier.

4. bundle

With Bundle, which gathers many news sources in a single application, you can follow the agenda quickly and filter the news according to your interests.

5. forest

Forest is the complete app for you if you can’t concentrate while studying or at work. In this application, which prevents you from looking at the phone, you are planting a tree as long as you do not look at the phone. Then the application transforms the trees you plant into real trees for you. Excellent!

6. todoist

You can keep track of your daily work with todoist, which allows you to plan comfortably with its easy interface.

7. alarm

If you are one of those people who delay the alarm in the morning and sleep back, but need to get up early, Alarmy is a perfect application. Alarmy, which does not shut up without seeing its photo, is one of the world’s most annoying alarm applications, but it is very effective!

8. LastPass

With LastPass, an ideal application for forgotten passwords, you can safely store all passwords.

9. slack

Slack, which enables you to establish different channels and establishes an easier contact with the individuals you work with, is the ideal for those who no longer want to use WhatsApp for business and school meetings. It is a very easy and useful application.

10. Nike Training Club

Nike’s original application, NTC, offers you many movements from yoga to abs. The NTC application, which makes a special program for you, is completely free and every movement is visualized. Very effective indeed!

11. Notion

You can easily take notes in Notion application, where you can manage projects.

12. grammar

One of the best applications ever in English, Grammar mail corrects your English imperfections in all your correspondence and produces stronger alternatives that can be used instead.

13. Pepapp

Pepapp, which is an ideal application to track menstrual, piss and ovulation periods, also offers useful information.

14. Splitwise

Splitwase, which you can use for public holidays or all kinds of collective expenditures, divides the expenditures made by different individuals equally.

15. meditopia

Meditopia, a meditation application, is a complete application that comes to your rescue when you are tense and limited during the day, and when you cannot fall asleep at night.

16. MyFitnessPal

You can lose weight and get in shape with MyFitnessPal, which will allow you to do sports at home. Recommended by many users, this application was very useful, especially during the pandami period.

17. epicure

This application, which contains easy food definitions, is ideal for beginners and those who love to cook.

18. Moovit

Moovit, a public transportation application that you can use easily in many parts of Turkey and the world, also reports the arrival times of buses and trains.

19. WaterTime

Water Time, which will allow you to consume as much water as your body needs during the day, is an easy application that will remind you to drink water, but will make your life easier.

20. 11pets

The ideal app for pet owners, 11pets allows you to log your pet’s weight, allergies, vaccinations and more.

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